• Devotional Readings for Nov 2014

    Bishop Rennis is encouraging all Anglican members to do their daily devotion based on selected Bible Readings from the lectionary for 2014. We will be compiling the monthly readings for your reference.

    Vicar Writes – 23rd Nov ‘14: Loving God with ALL…

    It is never too late to do something about this. Let’s encourage each other to pursue the things of God and to love Him, as we so boldly declare in our liturgy, with ALL. Get growing and stop wasting your life away.

    Vicar writes 15/16 November

    Why “Give Him A Hundred” FORVER? Simply because the Gospel has not yet reached all the nations and we need to continue to be God’s agent for change as we “Pray, Give, Send and Go!”

  • Give Him a Hundred forever

    Have you ever wondered what happens after Missions Month?

    Two new Assistant Bishops appointed

    On the evening of 25 October 2014, Dean Kuan Kim Seng and Archdeacon Low Jee King, were consecrated as Assistant Bishops, at St Andrew’s Cathedral.

    Thank you for being part of Missions Month!

    Thank you church, for having the courage to step up and out to be a Missional Church! You are truly a village that cares!

  • Come be with Me and Serve

    We invite you, St James’ brothers and sisters, to step into Jesus’ call for serving Christian convicts and ex-convicts.

    A letter from Mikayla Yap in Lat Krabang, Thailand.

    My name is Mikayla Yap and I just turned 2 years old. I was born in Thailand because my papa and mama are missionaries here. Let me introduce you to my papa and mama whom I love very, very much

    Vicar writes: Our ministry visit to Lat Krabang, Bangkok

    I had a fruitful time participating in the annual Anglican Church in Thailand (ACTS) Leaders Retreat at Lat Krabang, Bangkok (2-4 Oct).

  • Being a Missonal Church

    Rev Yee Ching Wah is an Honorary Priest at St James’ Church.  He is also the Associate Director of Missions of the Diocese of Singapore and the Dean of Thailand.  He and his family served as missionaries to Thailand from 1997 for 14 years in Nakorn Ratchasima and Bangkok.

    Vicar writes 4/5 October 2014

    Last weekend, we experienced another wonderful Alpha Weekend Away at Changi Cove.

    Devotional Readings for Oct 2014

    Bishop Rennis is encouraging all Anglican members to do their daily devotion based on selected Bible Readings from the lectionary for 2014. We will be compiling the monthly readings for your reference.

  • My Mission involved a Mountain and a Camera

    Kristen Kiong 25, is a multi-gifted young lady who is currently completing her studies in Speech and Language Pathology. She loves creating things with her hands and has an amazing eye behind the lens.

    ALPHA is an opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith

    “It was only by God’s grace that I surrendered and accepted Christ as my Saviour”,

    Reflections from a TTC student…

    Glenn Chan, a full-time St James’ Church Staff is currently on study leave to pursue a Masters in Divinity at Trinity Theological College. Here, he shares his experiences after two months as a student there.

  • Devotional Readings for Sep 2014

    Bishop Rennis is encouraging all Anglican members to do their daily devotion based on selected Bible Readings from the lectionary for 2014. We will be compiling the monthly readings for your reference.

    Devotional Readings for August 2014

    Bishop Rennis is encouraging all Anglican members to do their daily devotion based on selected Bible Readings from the lectionary for 2014. We will be compiling the monthly readings for your reference.

    A Community anchored in Christ

    We can look forward to the start of a new sermon series based on 1st Corinthians, entitled “Come and be with One Another.”

  • The Dawn of Spring

    “For behold, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.” Song of Solomon 2:11-12 (ESV)

    A March Update from Toronto

    “It is indeed a privilege to experience a Sabbatical, a first for me after nearly 28 years of fulltime ministry. “

    Lent 2014: Walking to Calvary; Captivated by Glory!

    May Lent 2014 not be just about us giving up something but clearing up space and time to be with Jesus instead! May God reveal a glimpse of the coming glory to captivate our hearts and transform us! Have a blessed journey.

  • Reflection on “The Symposium of Worship”

    Maggie shares her reflections on “the Symposium of Worship”

    Latest update from Revd Andrew Yap

    [Jesus says:] I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. Even now the one who reaps draws a wage and harvests a crop for eternal life, so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together. (Matthew 4:34-36)

    A “Besor Ravine” Church

    Besor Ravine reveals the spiritual leadership of David; he was no superstar who won the astounding victory.

  • ... new treasures as well as old

    ...If we are not careful, we begin to treat people and things with this same kind of worldview: the new is better than the old. Scripture paints a totally different picture.

    St James’ Church: Giving thanks for 2013

    “...we thank God most of all for each other. It is when we become a family and community, and stay faithful even in tough times that the full life of the church is experience.”

    颂琦 - Remembering God’s miraculous providence

    A moving testimony by Zac & Lena on the occasion of Coco Reta’s baptism on 15 Dec 2013.

  • Reflecting on my visit to Worship Central, London

    Glenn Chan attended the Worship Central Conference 2013 in London in early November. Here, he shares his reflections:

    Baptism Photos (15 Dec 2013)

    We rejoice with those who were baptized on 15 Dec 2013. View the photos here.

    Bishop’s Advent Message

    For the year 2013, Advent begins on 1 December and that is the same day we have set aside as Diocesan Missions Sunday. How significant…

  • Reading your way to Growth

    More than ever, Christians have access to all kinds of resources for growth, continual education and discipline of the mind and life.

    Confirmation Service Photos, 15 Sept 2013

    View the photos here…

    There is hope for those facing disabilities

    We are all broken in one way or another; it’s just that for some, it is more obvious. There is no need to be ashamed of this.

  • The Insignificant and Significant Man

    “An insignificant dot in the whole universe.”
    “A mere breath in the span of time.”
    Are we?

    To love is to accept a person

    To welcome and accept another is to love.

    My experience in London

    Ivan Lim, our Heal Ministry Staff visited the Holy Trinity Brompton Leadership Conference in May. He shares his experiences here.

  • Living in the Spirit - Vicar writes 21 June 2013

    To father well - as a provider, protector & progressor - is to reflect the image of God. If you weren’t here last weekend, I will encourage you to hear this important message.

    The Church as a Family - Vicar writes 27 April

    We welcomed 7 new members to the SJC Family at the Confirmation Service last Sunday. We are grateful to Bishop Yong Chen Fah (retired Asst Bishop of Sabah), who was present to lead the Service…

    How will we experience the depths of Christian Koinonia?

    What do Christians share or have in common?

  • Using your gifts: How you can serve in SJC

    In response to the messages and calls made over the pulpit these past weekends, below is a way you can indicate where you would like to help or serve in.

    Thank you, Pas Sai Moi!

    As of 1st January 2013, Pas Tan Sai Moi retired as staff of SJC. Here is a short thanksgiving note…

    Being a Community who is attractive both to God and Seekers

    We need to listen to what the Lord is saying as we posture for 2013.

  • A Celebration of God’s Goodness, A Dedication to Christ’s Cause

    2,500 people gathered at the rain-soaked Cathedral to welcome our new Bishop

    Vicar writes 29th Sept 2012

    Thank you so much for helping to give Bp John Chew a wonderful thanksgiving service last Sunday….

    Joining a Discipleship group has changed my life

    Jeanette Wong shares her experience in being involved with a discipleship group.

  • Vicar writes: “Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders.”

    Daily, we meet many “outsiders” in the course of our life here in this busy city. We also meet “outsiders” too in the church. Every weekend, we have visitors at all our Services…

    Alpha @Tainan Prison, Taiwan

    An encouraging praise & thanksgiving sharing by our HEAL ministry staff, Ivan Lim.

    Bidding farewell to the Hsus

    We bid farewell to Peter, Jeri, Karis and Zachary Hsu as they move to Hong Kong in early August.

  • Let us not forget our Spurs

    Lena Wilson shares her reflections from the recent Church Camp and challenges us to put to on our “spurs” daily. (Photo: Zach & Lena Wilson)

    Exploring the Meaning of Life on the eve of National Day

    The Plaza was humming as 130+ participants dined at the Alpha Introductory Dinner on the eve of National Day.