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Jesus Youth Ministry (JYM)
For all who are young and young at heart!

Every Sunday 2-5 pm
St James’ Church Auditorium (Level 3)
1 Leedon Road Singapore 267828

Jesus Youth Ministry is a youth ministry under St James' Church, Singapore. We are also part of the Anglican Diocesan Youth Board. We are led and guided by Youth Pastor Henry Yeo and JYM Chairman Caleb Chua.

Our usual weekly programme is as follows:
2.00 pm: Refreshments & Chill-out
2.45 pm: Worship and Prayer
3.45 pm: Sermon/Sharing
4.15 pm: Announcements
4.30 pm: Cell Time + Games
5.00 pm: End

Six Foundations
We focus on the six foundations on which JYM is built upon:

1. A proper concept of Jesus Christ.
2. An attitude of prayerful dependence on God.
3. An emphasis on the importance of dwelling in God's Word.
4. Cultivate an atmosphere of love
5. Emphasize a biblical group image
6. Engaging in a consistent contacting ministry.
5-Year Vision
We are now into our fifth year.

[G] rowing Jesus Youth Ministry in size and in depth
[R] eaching out to non-believers
[O] utreach to other parts of the world through missions
[W] orship and Prayer as a lifestyle
[T] raining to be equipped as disciples of Jesus Christ
[H] ome penetration into the community

    St James’ Church
1 Leedon Rd Singapore 267828
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Jesus Youth Ministry (JYM) is a ministry under St James Church. Visit www.sjc.org.sg for more info.