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  • The Role:

    The Youth Pastor is to shepherd the youth ministry in fulfilling the great commandment and fulfilling the great commission through regular fellowship and discipleship.


    You will nurture, mentor, and develop the youth ministry pastoral worker as well as our Lay Youth Leaders, to help strengthen the leadership cadre of youths growing into young adults /adult congregation.


    Reporting Officer (RO)

    This role reports directly to Pastor Gabriel Justin Tan


    Key Responsibilities

    • Leading JYM in casting and concretising vision in line with the church mission and vision.

    • Develop, implement, and review the JYM Discipleship

      Curriculum to:

    1. Attain the discipleship goals for JYMers, aligned within the context of the overall discipleship framework for SJC.

    2. Ensure Youth Leaders are mentored and equipped.

    3. Ensure discipleship continuity with the children’s ministries (upstream) and young adult ministries (downstream).

    4. Working with other SJC ministries

    5. Network with approved organisations in the wider body of Christ

    • Lead JYM with the Youth Pastoral Worker(s) and the Chairpersons of the Youth Ministry

    • Provide pastoral care to the JYMers

    • Be involved in a church cell group and/or discipleship group(s)

    • Integrating missional efforts with the SJC Missions Committee

    • Any other duties as assigned by the Vicar.


    • Grounded in biblical understanding of the faith and believes in the authority of God’s Word.

    • Passion for youths with a desire to disciple them.

    • Minimum 2 years of experience in youth or youth related ministry preferred.

    • Bachelor’s degree in theology, ministry, or related field preferred. *


    *The organisation will consider sending the hired Youth Pastor for necessary ongoing theological training if all other requirements are fulfilled.


    Salary will commensurate with qualifications and work experience within an NPO/ Anglican church context. Interested candidates are invited to submit your updated resumé and email to Only shortlisted applicants will be notified.


    Closing Date: 15 Feb 2024

  • The Role:

    The Production AV Technician is a committed Christian, adaptable, teachable and a team player, answering God’s call to join the staff at St James’ Church (SJC). You will work under your designated Reporting Officer (RO), following instructions and assisting as necessary.

    Other responsibilities include setting up and running the sound and video equipment used to conduct both onsite and online meetings. Produce ministry/church related content which includes Pre-Production, Production, and post-Production works.

    As SJC’s Production/ AV technician, you will be committed to a common purpose and direction, counting it your joy and privilege to serve the Lord in in your role. As a professional, you will remain composed under pressure, ready to take initiative when necessary and be self-motivated.  Your role will require you to work as and when there are events which will require your support and expertise. 

    Reporting Officer (RO)

    Head of Worship & Creative Arts Ministry (WCAM)

    Key Responsibilities

    • Setup, operate and troubleshoot AV and Production Equipment for various livestreaming, pre-recorded and live events.

    • Liaise with Event planners, Ministry Stakeholders & Volunteers to ideate and propose Production and/or AV setup for ministry needs.

    • Conduct Quality Control Analysis before and after programs.

    • Equipment Maintenance, Servicing & Repair

    • Participate in ongoing refinement of team’s workflow and process with AV Core Team, providing constructive feedback on volunteer’s involvement.

    • Participate in planning and designing of general onsite AV systems.

    • Record and edit pre-recorded content as needed by the wider church body.

    • When necessary, take on related tasks that contribute to the success of an event/program.

    • Any other duties as assigned by your RO and/or the Vicar.


    • At least 3 years’ experience volunteering or working in audio visual technology or a related field.
      • Familiarity with computers and IP Networking Systems.
      • Physically able to transport and set up heavy equipment.
      • Good hearing and eyesight.
      • Excellent troubleshooting skills.
      • A keen eye for detail.
      • Good communication and interpersonal skills.

    Salary will commensurate with qualifications and work experience within an NPO/ Anglican church context. Interested candidates are invited to submit your updated resume and email to

    Only shortlisted applicants will be notified. 

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