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Cell Groups are at the heart of community life in SJC where we build authentic and loving relationships. It is where everyone who calls SJC home can grow in spiritual maturity and committed discipleship. As a small group, we study God’s Word and encourage one another in ministry and missions.


Where and when we meet?

Many cell groups meet on Fridays. Some cells meet on Saturdays, Sundays or weekdays.

The cell meetings are usually held at the homes of members or at our church premises.


What kind of involvement do we need from SJC members?

  • Commit to join a cell group in grow in community and spiritual life together.

  • Avail your home to be a venue for cell meetings, especially at north-east and east regions.

  • Look out for newcomers and encourage them to join a cell group.

  • Participate in church events and reach out to our neighbouring community as a cell group together.

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