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Mission statement

To embolden the expression of God’s love by equipping families and individuals to live, express and nurture faith at home.


Families as God’s heritage builders.


What is Family Life Ministry (FLM)

FLM is part of the community outreach arm of St James' Church which seeks to strengthen families and individuals and foster caring community bonds for generations to come. Taking reference from a tree, the different vibrant colors of the FLM logo represent the various support platforms to enhance and enrich the lives of individuals and families, so that you and your family will yield fruit in season as a fragrant offering to our Father. "人" is the Chinese character for a person. Every person matters in God's eyes and everyone is God's heritage builder for the future, rooted in His unchanging Word.

What does your ministry do to reach the community?

FLM seeks to support couples, parents, families in their seasons of life through various platforms, e.g courses, mentoring, prayer groups, seminars and workshops etc.

Format of courses: Video Learning, Facilitator-lead interactions, Small group discussions, Individual exercises.

Where and when does FLM meet?

FLM runs a variety of courses which try to meet the needs of those in our church community. To view our courses, please click here.

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