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Marketplace Movement & Mentorship


Marketplace Movement & Mentorship (M3)

7th Anniversary


Life presents a myriad of challenges that test our resilience and character. We each navigate through a complex tapestry of experiences and grapple with uncertainties - questioning our capacity, doubting our decisions and pondering if they will lead us to the outcomes we yearn for.


Let’s come together for an evening of stories shared by a panel - of how ordinary people encountered an extraordinary God, in the ordinariness of life.  Through their struggles and triumphs, we witness how a surrendered life to Jesus can bring significance, purpose and meaning.

Date:  Friday 12 July, 8pm 

Venue:  St. James’ Church, 1 Leedon Road, Sanctuary 1, Level 3

Date:     12 July 2024

Time:     8pm (Light Dinner from 7.15pm)

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