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Important Notes

  1. Please review the resources below thoroughly before using them for you and your family.

  2. Except for resources produced by St. James’ Church, teachings in resources produced by other Churches, organisations or individuals do not represent the stand of St. James’ Church. Enquiries regarding these resources should be directed to the Churches, organisations or individuals concerned.

Family Altar (aka Family Devotions) 


For Everyone

1. Altarpreneur

Altarpreneur is an online diary that Danny and Daniela jot down their learning moments and provide free resources for faith, family & career.

2. “Soaking in the World in the New Normal”

A list of resources that can help us interact with God’s living, active and transformational Word.

3. Due diligence: Handy aids that help you study the Bible through 2020”

Resources for you to study God’s Word with your spouse, siblings or children.

4. “Attentive to God”

Being aware of God’s presence in daily life

5. “How to Study the Bible as a Family?”

30 mins dialogue of scripture prayer to encourage faith.

6. A set of 52 devotions for you and your family (by Focus on the Family Singapore)

These resources are created as a way for your family to invest a bit of time encouraging, supporting and praying for one another.

For Elderly Couples

7. “Empty Nest, Full Life: Discovering God’s Best for Your Next”

https:// EmptyNestFullLife

This is an excellent book with a chapter on family altar


8. “How My Wife And I Are Preparing For An Empty Nest, While Our Children Are Still At Home” https://www. blog/how-mywife- and-i-arepreparing- for-anempty- nest-whileour- children-arestill- at-home

Hear from Danny who started preparing for empty nest the day his son was born


For Young Adults and Married Couples

9. YMI ( which stands for Why Am I ), is a platform for Christian young people all over the world to ask questions about life and discover their true purpose ap/

Daily inspiration for young people on the go, with daily devotionals, articles and videos. By RBC Ministries


For Parents with Children Aged 0 to 11 years

10. Faith Kids @ Home

Rich resource to instil biblical knowledge and godly character in children


11. The Treasure Box

This local production team produces resources weekly for family altar. Check out their online store for family altar resources https:// www.thetreasurebox. sg/collections/familydevotionals


12. Biblical Wisdom for Parents

A website for parents seeking godly wisdom to bring up their children in the word of the Lord.

Family Life > Resources

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